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 In-Game Missions

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PostSubject: In-Game Missions   Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:26 am

So...I was thinkning that maybe there should be some "missions" in the game. What I mean by this is really to have requirements for getting certain characters. I know what you're thinking, "Isn't there already requirements to get characters? Like, we have to get a certain rank to get them. Isn't that enough?" Well, I've been thinking and I don't think that it is enough. I think that instead of just battling, getting money, and ranking up to get characters, you should be challenged to get them.

So, to let everyone know what exactly I am trying to achieve, I will set up an example:

To *unlock Kimimaro:
Get 5 *kills with Sakon
Get 5 kills with Jiroubou
Get 5 kills with Tayuya
Get 5 kills with Kidoumaru

Once you get the 5 kills of each of the Sound 4 members, then Kimimaro will now be unlocked and once you get enough money to buy him, then you can go find and buy him to add him to your character collection. He won't just be obtained through completing the mission, but you still need the money to buy him, and perhaps use him (not really just him, it could be anyone, but he's the example) to complete other missions too.

And of course this won't be the only thing that you will need to do. In order to be able to do some missions, you will have to be a certain rank. For example, the Kimimaro mission used in the example above. To get the Sound 4 you need to be Genin anyway, so the mission will require you to be Genin to start on that mission. But since Kimimaro requires Jounin rank to obtain him, you won't have to worry about getting him for a while. So basically, these missions will be in sort of a chain reaction; you have to beat one mission to move on to another mission, but it won't be like you can accept only 1 mission at a time. You can accept multiple missions at a time (that is in your rank or below) and work on all those missions at once to try to get to the next missions that you can get from beating the previous ones (did that make sense? lol). Also, these missions will be for everyone to do (Ranking from Students-Anbu/Missing).

Note: All characters will not need to be unlocked in order to get them, but some of the better characters will need to be unlocked through missions. And hopefully, there will be even more characters added to the game next wipe, so that those characters, depending on how good they are will have a mission and will need to be unlocked as well.

*Unlock: The character will not be obtained, but you will now be able to get them. If you do not unlock the character 1st, even if you have the money and rank to get them, you will not be able to buy the character unless they are unlocked.
*Kill: Getting a kill is easy. Let's say you are in a battle and you beat all 3 of your opponents characters with your 1st character, then you will have 3 kills with you 1st character. So a kill is beating a character.

Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate your time and I hope you guys consider or even like my idea. Please give your feedback on this idea. Thank you again.
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In-Game Missions
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