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 Character Ideas and Abilities

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PostSubject: Character Ideas and Abilities   Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:58 pm

I thought that maybe we can sorta cretae our own characters in perspective to the game. Name their attacks and the chakra cost and the desciption of the attacks...I'll name the characters that I think of and you guys can make characters too that I don't have up...just add on. Maybe one of our characters can make it into the game with some modifications to the moves...maybe. Lol, it might not happen at all, but let's just have some fun here xD

Here's the Sannin:

Tsunade - 110 Health

Chakra Enhanced Punch: 6 chakra (minimum) required
Using precise chakra control into her hand, Tsunade delivers a dangerously strong punch to the enemy causing 7 damage per chakra.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Katsuyu: 10 chakra required
This jutsu summons the Slug Queen, Katsuyu to aid Tsunade in battle. Katsuyu has 90 health.

Creation Rebirth: 10 chakra required
Tsunade heals herself for 35 health and gains 4 chakra during this time.

Genjutsu Binding: 3 chakra required
Tsunade casts a genjutsu, temporarily rendering them incapable of movement.

I also had the idea of the Criminal Brothers trio...well here they are:

Jiga - 120 health

Magnetic Ninja Arts: 8 chakra required
Allows Jiga to use a variety of magnetic moves on his opponent.

Infinite Meteors: 3 chakra required
Enables him to attack using many rocks, dealing 15 damage and 20 damage while magnetic ninja arts is in effect.

Electric Phantasm: 4 chakra required
This jutsu unleashes a wave of iron sand that renders the enemy unable to think, leaving them stunned for a while.

Meteor Hammer Smash: 6 chakra required
Jiga uses his meteor hammer to strike the enemy with devastating force, dealing 25 damage and 30 damage while magnetic ninja arts is in effect.

Ruiga - 100 health

Water Cannon Replica: 7 chakra required
This jutsu enables the user to control surrounding water and moister and is now able to use his other jutsu to attack.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Piranha: 4 chakra required
Ruiga summons a school of piranha into the water that surrounds the enemy, dealing 15 damage over time.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Shark: 5 chakra required
He summons a giant shark into the water that surrounds the enemy to do his bidding. This deals 25 damage to the opponent, instantly.

Tonfa Attack: 2 chakra required
Using his tonfa in conjunction with his highly proficient taijutsu, he hits the enemy with his tonfa to cause 10 damage.

Renga - 100 health

Ice Disk Technique: 8 chakra required
This jutsu turns the moisture particles in the air into an ice disk. It enables him to use his other attacks.

Ice Disk Hurl: 3 chakra required
Fires disks of ice at the enemy with tremendous force causing 15 damage to the enemy.

Transparent Ice Barrier: 1 chakra required (per second; used like Kaiten)
Creates a transparent shield of ice that blocks any oncoming attacks from the enemy.

Ice Lens: 6 chakra required
Renga's most powerful attack, able to form the ice into a large lens and then hover into the sky and focus the sun's rays through the lens, into a powerful beam that is capable of melting or exploding a pinpointed area. This does 45 damage to the opponent.

Now it's time for Team Taka:

Suigetsu - 100 health

Hydration Technique: 1 chakra required (per second, acts like Kyuubi Naruto's Fox Cloak)
The user can reduce all or part of their body to a watery form, avoiding and absorbing attacks.

Great Water Arm: 5 chakra required
Using his ability to transform his body into water, Suigetsu will reform his arm in a more muscular form. This stronger arm allows him to deliver more powerful swings with his Decapitating Carving Knife.

Decapitating Carving Knife Slash: 4 chakra
Swings the giant blade at his enemy for a killing blow. Does 20 damage and 30 damage with Great Water Arm.

Replenish: 3 chakra required
Suigetsu drinks some water to re-hydrate and gain some of his strength back. Heals for 20 health over time.

Jugo - 120 health

Piston Punch: 3 chakra required
Jugo has tremendous control over his curse seal since he is the original source of it. He can transform any part of his body into Curse Seal lvl 2 without his whole body transforming. He uses the transformed part of his arm to attack his enemy for 15 damage.

Curse Seal: 7 chakra required
Because Jugo is the original source of the curse seal, it is easier for him to use. First use of this goes to Curse Seal lvl 1 and using this again goes into Curse Seal lvl 2.

Enraged Throw: 4 chakra required
Jugo is able to throw people by using his arm and releasing chakra out the other direction. The power depends on what state Jugo is in. This attack does 20 damage, 25 damage in CS, and 30 in CS2.

Personality Shift: 2 chakra required
Jugo changes from his brutal and killing demeanor, into a nice and gentle demeanor for a short time. The enemy will become confused on why he is suddenly nice now. Makes the enemy confused, temporarily disrupting their movement patterns.

Karin - 100 health

Heal Bite: 5 chakra required
Allows her to heal other people by letting them bite her and suck out some of her chakra. Heals 35 health.

Mind's Eye of the Kagura: 9 chakra required
Karin can sense chakra extremely well. This let's her still able to sense chakra even when she's blinded to know where the enemy is throughout the battle (basically, she can't be blinded) and it let's her access her other chakra related skills.

(I'll post other attacks by Karin when they are revealed.)

TS Sasuke Uchiha (Taka Style) - 100 health

Chidori: 6 chakra (minimum) required
This jutsu channels a large amount of lightning-chakra to the user's hand. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. This attack does 8 damage per chakra.

Chidori Nagashi: 5 chakra required
This jutsu allows the user to generate non-focused electrically charged chakra from his body. It randomly counters the melee attack of the enemy or stuns the enemy for a set time when attacked in this form. Also allows Kusanagi Sword's alternate effect.

Curse Seal: 8 chakra required
Activated, it spreads like flames when active across the user's body. When the second level of the seal is activated, his skin turns dark-gray and his hair grows and turns dark blue and he grows claw-shaped wings from his back and a dark, star-shaped mark appears on the bridge of his nose. He now receives increased chakra levels and physical capabilities when the seal is active.

Kusanagi Sword: 4 chakra required
By striking the enemy with his sword, Sasuke deals 20 damage, 25 in CS and 30 in CS2. While Chidori Nagashi is in effect, this attack does 25 damage, 30 in CS and 35 in CS2 and also stuns the target for a set time.

Kirin: 10 chakra required
Kirin is an extremely powerful, one-shot lightning technique that strikes in the blink of an eye. The user draws lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of his or her strike, and controls it with chakra. The power of this attack is devastating, but requires some time to execute it. When executed, it will summon lightning down to a point on the ground and the shock will be in a wide range, eliminating anyone in it's path. Can only be used once in battle.

Now for Akatsuki:

Kakuzu - 130 health

Doton: Domu no Jutsu: 5 chakra required
Kakuzu's body turns into a steel-like quality and can protect him from most attacks and increases his attack strength. This move counters enemy melee attacks and doubles his attack strength (meaning....yes, his basic attack now does 6 damage!).

Mask Summoning: 10 chakra required
He summons only 3 of his masks to aid him in battle, his Wind, Fire, and Lightning masks. Each mask has 25 health.

Earth Grude Fear: 8 chakra required
Using the tendril-like threads in his body, he can absorb and fuse with his masks. When the masks are adjacent to him, he can absorb the wind and fire masks and gains 10 health per mask (gains 20 health total). At this point he cannot split with his masks anymore. Now he is able to use Great Wildfire Tornado.

Great Wildfire Tornado: 7 chakra required
Kakuzu's fire mask uses Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work and his wind mask uses Wind Release: Pressure Damage at the same time. This creates an intense blast toward the enemy and does 45 damage upon impact.

Raiton: Gian: 4 chakra required
Kakuzu's lightning-element mask emits a spear of lightning from its mouth. The spear can then split apart to strike multiple enemies. This attack does 20 damage when it hits an opponent (it fires in 4 directions, up, down, left and right). This move is only accessible when the lightining mask is out.

Hidan - 150 health

Triple-Bladed Sythe: 4 chakra required
Its main purpose is to aid him in collecting blood for his Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood ritual. Because of this, it is designed, not so much to kill the target, but to wound them, no matter how big or small the wound, but when he does connect, it does 15 damage to the target.

Death Controlling Possessed Blood Ritual: 10 chakra required
Once his sacrificial ritual takes place, the victim is linked with Hidan until he either steps or is forced out of the circle. Any kind of injury that Hidan inflicts upon himself (or the injury they inflicted on him) is inflicted upon his sacrifice, be it a mere scratch or a pierce in the heart. Hidan is now able to use Psycho Spike.

Psycho Spike: 6 chakra required
Hidan takes out a metal spike and thrusts it into his own body. The first time this skill is used, it attacks Hidan himself, so that he can gain the blood he needs for the Jashin Death Circle. Once the circle is complete and he uses this attack, the damage that should inflict him, inflicts upon his target instead. This attack does 35 damage.

Jashin Death Circle: 3 chakra required
After stabbing himself, he lets the blood fall to the ground so that he can create his circle for his ritual. Once it is completed, Hidan must stay still in the circle, so that his Psycho Spike will work. When Hidan moves, then the technique is broken and the target is no longer cursed.

Even if these characters won't make it into the game, I would sill like you guys to rate mine please adnd add your own too. And vote above for your favorite character, even if you don't like any of them, please vote for the one that is the best out of them. I will be updating this post with other characters as I think of them, so this will be up to date frequently. Thank you.
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Character Ideas and Abilities
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